7-Day Capital City Package

A sprawling city of over 800,000 people, Kingston is the largest English-speaking city south of Florida and the center of Jamaica’s cultural life – the Bob Marley Museum is one of the most-visited attractions. The city is also an important business center with many international head offices.

Your Trip Advisor is a great resource for information on Kingston. You’ll find some fun facts there, such as

“Port Royal was a hangout for the famed pirates of the Caribbean until an earthquake plunged the village into the sea in 1692. Plans are underway to restore the area, including a number of historic buildings including Fort Charles, the Old Naval Hospital, and more.”

Food is one of the delights of Jamaica, and Kingston is no exception, with the added bonus that, with over three dozen embassies, the city also offers a wide range of world cuisine. But it’s the home-grown dishes that really jump out, dishes like:

  • Dinner
    • Mackerel Run Down
    • Saltfish Fritters
    • Callaloo and Codfish
  • Breakfast
    • Bully Beef
  • Dessert
    • Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Not to be missed, however, is the famed jerk chicken, though you may want to bring a fire extinguisher!